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Meet Candra George

Candra George has been working in the photography industry since 2007 and her work has been featured in multiple media outlets and publications worldwide.  

Her client list is impressive.  Included on that list are the Office of the President of the United States, multiple universities and heads of state, and she is a favorite among a wide variety of celebrities and creative artists.  

When she isn't working, she spends her days in south Louisiana,

with her husband Wes, son, Wesley Brooks, and French bulldog, Magnolia.

Most days she's able to outsmart the latter two.

What do you get when you hire

Candra George?

*. Clear communication and contracts:  The utmost effort is made to ensure a client's photography needs are understood and expectations met.  We want you happy.

*. A team of photographers that each have their own businesses:  Belonging to a regional group of photographers that hire each other ensures better photographs. Photographers who  regularly develop their craft have a greater desire to see exceptional images.

*. Equipment and editing  that is conducive to your wedding or event to produce the best possible outcome.  

*  Custom, and individualized sessions with limited use.  Shooting locations and sessions are tailored to your needs.   We strive to use new and unique locations.

*. Flexibility and experience:  Weddings and events don't always go as planned.  Weather and circumstances can be unpredictable.  Our experienced team is flexible,  and knows how to document under a wide variety of conditions and scenarios.

*. Passion:  We LOVE what we do!  Our goal is to provide exceptional service and images, and to document each event better than the last.

Investment begins at $4500

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